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Why buy from 9 Silent Whispers?

Are you worried about buying fake gemstones? You should be as it has become very common online. We only buy our stock from reputable suppliers to ensure you get the quality you desire and deserve. When possible we visit the supplier to hand pick items directly.

I have been studying information on gemstones/crystals for the past 10 years. With my "perfectionist" personality I find it difficult to sell anything I am not 100% sure about. I don't automatically take a suppliers word for a description on a crystal they give me, I do a major search to ensure someone hasn't been told the wrong information.


Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformed sellers out there which makes it very hard for buyers to be given the correct information. Part of this includes sellers rating gemstones as AAA. It comes down to how well the gemstones are polished and where they were found to how stunning they look.

With every gemstone you purchase from us we give you a little information note so you know the name and a little on it's properties. We also pack different types of gemstones in their own gift bags (e.g. all Rose Quartz gemstones together, all Amethyst gemstones) so you can identify them easy.

If you every have any questions about products before you purchase them I am always available via the "chat button" or contact page.


Thank you for supporting a small Australian Owned business.

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* Free shipping for orders over $60 Deliveries to Australia only.

* Free Pick-Up for customers in Lismore NSW area available.


Flat rate $9 for all orders $59.99 and below.

For overseas enquiries please contact us via our contact page for a quote on postage or any question you may have.


Tanya Everett


0413 962 968


Online Store based in Lismore NSW

ABN 94 831 656 521

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