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Updated: Feb 16

I was not born into the spiritual, free loving world that some people were fortunate enough to be brought up in. My parents tried to bring me up as a Catholic which I just couldn’t get my head around. I never felt like I belonged to my family or any religion even at the age of 7.

I stumbled through life and made many mistakes. I was married by 18 and stayed in a topsy turvy (putting it nicely) relationship until my husband died from lung cancer. We had three amazing children who allowed me to show and share love. Something I am very grateful for. My children were my sanity.

It was during the three years my husband struggled with cancer that I stumbled across Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay. Their books turned my thoughts around which was the start of my spiritual journey. I found myself learning about crystals and Reiki. After completing Reiki I and Reiki II I used it on my terminally ill husband to ease his pain. He was never a believer in “hippie stuff” but changed his mind once he felt the effects of the pain relief. I believe it enabled him to find peace as he became very quiet and content in his final couple of months. It helped me find forgiveness.

I was very sceptical about Reiki when I first heard about it. During my first day learning Reiki I had a change of mind. I could feel my third eye (Ajna) awakening. It was when I saw the effectiveness it had on my husband that I realised how powerful it was. I didn’t understand at the time why I use to burn up and sweat profusely while giving Reiki to my husband. I later realised I was empathic and could feel other people’s pain and emotions, especially when performing Reiki. I learnt to protect myself as this had a very draining effect on me.

When my new partner (Shayne) and I first met (I say partner because he was with me on my journey, never arguing and encouraged me to be me), he lived in house number 9 and I lived in a different town in house number 9. When we moved in together it was house number 9. We decided then 9 must have some influence in our lives so when picking a business name we felt 9 needed to be in it.

While studying my Diploma in Holistic Counselling I learnt about numerology. It turned out both our Life Path numbers (birth DD/MM/YYYY) related to 9. My number being 33 which is a master number (I look at it as 3 x 3 = 9) and Shayne’s number is 36 which breaks down to 9. One of the characteristics of number 9 is “open house, for anyone in need”. This is how I viewed our business. I had others say “9 means the end of the journey which is bad. I see it as we finally found our path in life’s journey. This is what we are meant to do.

My vision was to open a healing centre where I could practice Holistic Counselling and Reiki plus sell products used in healing sessions. I could not wait until I was finished my Diploma so we started selling products first and would incorporate Counselling when I was qualified.

Silent Whispers was decided due to the counselling (healing side). I felt people who needed or wanted help felt silenced and frowned upon from the “normal” population (whatever that is supposed to be). So our name was born. 9 Silent Whispers.

We searched for a graphic designer to design our logo. It was like we found an angel and they created our logo design. We never got to meet her personally as she lived overseas. It was like she connected with us and new exactly what we wanted our design to look like. We love it.

It was 2014 and everything fell into place. Our journey began. Shayne was sceptical like I was at first when I told him about Reiki and my future plans. He never tried to stop me moving forward with my plans. It wasn’t until I gave him Reiki that he understood why I had so much passion in moving forward with my plans. Shayne has been, and still is, my true soul mate.

The important thing is to remember that we need to go through what life throws our way to learn and grow. If life seems difficult and we keep doing the same thing it will never change. It is our life lesson, no one elses. Live life and enjoy.

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