Carved Crystal Shapes and their meaning

Updated: Feb 16

Crystals come in so many shapes and forms. Have you ever wondered why? Some are naturally shaped and others are carved and shaped. Does it make any difference? What's their purpose?

I will cover briefly the main shapes that you see in most crystal stores and hopefully this will help it make choosing a crystal easier.

Firstly, before you use any crystal for healing work it must be cleansed & programmed with intent (you can read my blog on cleansing crystals for more info).

After using your crystal to pull stagnant or diseased energy from the body or aura, your crystal will need to be cleansed again before you can heal & seal the 'hole' that has been left.

Wands make an excellent healing & energy tool by focusing its energy tightly through its tip. Points pointing away from the body draws off energy & pointed inwards (towards the body) channels energy into the body.

Wands with a rounded, smooth end can be used for crystal massage work (also known as stone massage or mineral massage) which is great for reducing pain & increasing level of wellness.

Wands can be completely smooth or faceted. Most important they must be well polished, natural gemstone & feel right when held.

Different crystals produce different energies, so it is not uncommon when used for healing to have an assortment of crystal wands to help with the right healing properties.

It is a good idea if you have not been trained in crystal massage, to buy yourself a book, or enrol in a class & learn the correct techniques.

Pyramids amplify & focus energy through their point (apex). They are used to draw of negative energy & blockages from the Chakras & replenish energy.

Crystal pyramids are proven to hold a charge for several weeks & used for healing purposes they generate negative Ions into areas of need.

Large pyramids (big enough to sit inside) are used for meditation or healing therapies as Dr Carl Benedicks (a Swedish Scientist) found pyramids produce a resonance or frequency inside it which increases theta & alpha brain waves.

They make an excellent amplifier and manifestation when place in the centre of grids.

Egg Shapes confine & shape energy to detect & rebalance blockages in the body.

Can be used for meditation, in the aura, placed around the home or in the centre of grids for protection, energy renewal or support for new beginnings.

Yoni eggs are smaller sized gemstone eggs that were used traditionally by female Chinese Royalty for strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

Spheres (also known as a crystal ball) emit energy in all directions equally, making it a window for the past (what has been) or future (what is to come).

They help develop clairvoyance by opening the Third Eye Chakra. Spheres bring peace & grounding energy to a home.

Tower (Crystal Point) is a pointed crystal with 6 or more sided faces.

A Generator has 6 sided faces with all faces meeting equally to a sharp point at top.

They are used to amplify energy & our intentions. Used to raise the vibration when placed on an alter or the centre of a crystal grid.

As with all points, channel positive energy by pointing towards the body & release negative energy & toxins when pointing outwards from the body.

Obelisk is a pointed pillar with 4 sides. It is a symbol of the ancient world & said to be designed to release built up energy from beneath the earth’s crust. Said to work the same when used on the body (as with all points) or a building (placed around the home or workplace to dissipate negative energy, stress or conflict).

Heart shapes show love & truth to the giver & receiver. Can be placed over the Heart Chakra when doing healing work. Helps to heal heart & emotional wounds. Said to bring loving energy & balance to relationships.

Angel gemstone figurines help with connection to all angels by anchoring angelic energies.

Skulls are used for healing, protection & channelling guidance or ancient knowledge by connecting with ancestors, guides or spiritual teachers & masters.

Originally real bone skulls were used until other methods were found (such as gemstone carvings).

Methods of use are by holding with hands either side of the skull (or held in the hands) while meditating, placed around the home or in a grid.

Merkaba is a tool for spiritual transformation & connection. It balances & harmonises in both the physical & spiritual dimensions making it useful for self-healing.

It is an 8 pointed star made from two triangular pyramids. It allows us to connect with both universal energy & earth.

It is also known as Metatron’s symbol, said to be on his Chariot of fire. As it spins & flows in all directions, all at once, it allows us to Astro travel & to communicate plus connect with all of Source. Merkaba has the ability for limitless creation.

Tumbled gemstones are usually the cheapest way to purchase gemstones.

Because of their size they are very useful for carrying around with you, whether it be in your pocket, in your bra, inside your car, under a pillow or placed around your home or workplace.

They can be easily placed on your body or Chakra’s for healing & ideal for all types of crystal grids.

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