Facts and Tips for Gemstone Massage Rollers

Updated: Apr 16

Congratulations, you've purchased a gemstone roller or considering purchasing. Here are some Facts and tips on Gemstone Massage Rollers that you may not know. First of all, it doesn't matter which type of gemstone roller you use. They all massage your face the same.


  1. Yes, different types of gemstones have different benefits, so matching your needs to a particular gemstone may help in other areas of your body or mind. I have provided a description of benefits for each gemstone on our website to assist before your purchase.

  2. Rolling the massager over your face in an upwards or side-wards direction stimulates collagen which increases skin firmness and reduces small wrinkle lines.

  3. The gentle rolling pressure from the massager helps activate blood circulation which provides oxygen to skin tissues.


  1. Always use a facial cream or facial oil before massaging with the roller to allow smooth application without pulling on your skin.

  2. Cooling your roller in a refrigerator before use will aid in reducing puffiness and gives an instant calming affect to the face.

  3. Soaps and hot water should never be used on your roller as it may damage the gemstones. Best to wipe over with damp, clean cloth after each use. Read my blog on how to clean crystals to find out more.

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