How to care for your Sterling Silver Jewellery

Updated: Feb 16

Your jewellery will need cleaning occasionally as it is made from Sterling Silver which does require looking after to keep it shining beautifully.

Sterling Silver tarnishes when exposed to air. It is called Oxidization which is a chemical reaction. Your natural skin oils and creams you use on your skin will also tarnish your jewellery.

Because your jewellery includes real gemstones you need to know a couple of things to give your jewellery a lustrous look and long life.

How do you fix this?

Firstly we will start with some Care Instructions:

  • Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place

  • Store individually so it doesn't scratch (you could store in a plastic zip lock bag or roll in a soft cloth to prevent scratches or exposure to air and moisture)

  • Do not wear in chlorinated water or sea water (this includes the shower). Mostly because of the damage it can do to some gemstones, but you will also avoid loosing it

  • Don't get your jewellery in contact with chemicals. This includes household/work cleaning products, hairspray e.c.t.

  • Take off when going to bed. This will prevent your jewellery from catching on bedding, clothing or caught in your hair (if you're a restless sleeper)

  • REMEMBER- These are gemstones you are keeping close to you by wearing them. Sometimes you may need a break from wearing the same gemstone all the time. If you over-do it, it may become lost as a lesson, you achieved what was needed. Try buying a few pieces you are attracted to so you can rotate days of usage, plus it will give you more variety to match what you are wearing. If you feel it is not right to wear a particular piece that day, don't, you're intuition is talking to you.

Cleaning Do's & Don'ts

Do use a soft polishing cloth for general cleaning rubbing your jewellery gently

Do use a mild soap (not detergent) in luke warm water (never hot water), rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth for a major clean. If your stone is water intolerant, do not dip in, use soft damp cloth dipped in soap water and rinse with clean cloth dipped in clean water, making sure not to dampen your gemstone too much

Don't use tissue or paper towel to clean as they are too harsh and will scratch

Don't use commercial dips or polishes made for sterling silver as they can be quiet harsh on your gemstones. If you feel the need to use these, make sure you protect your gemstone from getting in contact with the solutions. It may change the colour or remove the polish from your gemstones

Don't steam clean or use hot water as this can damage delicate stones, especially ones that don't tolerate water.

Gemstones that don't react to well with water and can either fade or dissolve are Selenite, Gypsum, Celestite, Halite, Pyrite, Labradorite, Lepidolite, Mica, Muscovite, Pearls, Turquoise, Ulexite.( I am sure there is many more types but these are the most common used in jewellery)

Some other problems that can be caused from water is rust with some gemstones. As long as you don't allow your jewellery to get wet too often and follow the other Do's and Don't above, your jewellery will love you.

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