Must read: Fake Citrine or is it?

Updated: Jan 27

You may have heard that a lot of Citrine now sold is baked, making it fake. It that true?

Partly true. Yes often it is Amethyst or sometimes Smokey Quartz which has been baked (heated over 480 degrees Celsius).

Fake? No. All heat treating does is mimic what Mother Nature does, heating Amethyst or Smoky Quartz (both si02 quartz) the same as Citrine using her earthly heat to produce Citrine.

Changing the colour through baking doesn't change the molecular structure of the crystal. It does change the energetic healing properties from purple energy to yellow energy, the same as natural Citrine but not quite as strong vibration.

How to tell the difference

Natural Citrine is generally a honey, champagne or light smokey colour. It is getting hard to find (which is why it is now being baked) which is making it expensive. Baked Citrine is light yellow to dark orange at the tip and white at the bottom.

Conclusion: So if you're lucky enough to find natural Citrine (heated in the ground) and willing to pay good money, lucky you. For others, baked Citrine is much cheaper and still gives off the same energies (just with a lower vibration) making it a practical choice. Whichever you choose, Citrine is an amazing gemstone to own.

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