QUICK GUIDE - How to care for and choose your crystals

Updated: Feb 16

Crystal Information

We have a huge range of crystals for sale. Note, crystals do not heal but the use of crystals can assist the body to balance its natural magnetism to heal itself.

Always consult a physician for medical treatment.

Choosing a Crystal

Use instinct. Usually what you are drawn to is what you need. Whether you are choosing in a shop, book or internet, it is all the same method.

How to Use your Crystal

There are many different ways which Crystals can be used. It comes down to personal preference. Some common ways that they are used are:

· Put under pillow

· Placed in the bath water

· For Meditations

· Placing (gridding) around the home or workplace

· Worn on the body (Jewellery) or placed in the pocket

· Making Gem Essence

· Laying on the body for healing

Cleansing your Crystals

Most crystals need to cleansed regularly to keep their vibration strong and to clear away unwanted energy. Crystals should always be cleansed before using them for healing or therapy work.

There are a few crystals that do not need cleaning as they do not store negative energies. They include, Super Seven, Citrine, Selenite and Kyanite.

The most popular methods of cleaning your crystals are:

· Sunlight and Moonlight - Some crystals such as Amethyst, Opal, Turquoise, Rose Quartz and Celesite fade in the sun. So if in doubt use only moonlight. Place them outside or on a window ledge on a full moon (or the night either side of full moon). It can still be done if cloudy. Just make sure if raining they do not get wet (as some crystals do not like the water)

· Earth Burial - Place in a cloth and bury in your garden and leave for a day. Just don't forget where you bury them. Mother Earth is a natural at cleansing and charging her babies (crystals)

· Smudging - Pass crystal through smoke of cedar, sage or incense

· Reiki - Cleansed by someone who has been attuned to Reiki

· Stones that Energise Others - Place crystals that need energising on Quartz Cluster, Amethyst Cluster or Geodes and leave for a day (this does not cleanse them but it helps crystals restore their energy

· Sound - Can use Tibetan bells or cymbals (Tingsha's) with intention to cleanse, or Singing Bowls (place the crystals inside the bowl or move overtop of the crystals while playing)

Do Not clean your gemstones in salt or salty water. Salt is too harsh can affect the lustre of your gemstones plus some gemstones can not tolerate water. Best sticking to the gentle methods above to ensure your gemstones last a lifetime.

This is just a quick guide. I will be providing more in-depth information on the above in future blogs.

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