weight: 11 to 20 gms


Price is for one gemstone. No two gemstones are the same. You will receive one similar to the picture although size, colour and shape will vary.

I have tried to give as much details as possible. If you would like more details please send a message via the contact button at bottom of the page.


Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Blue Goldstone Tumbles medium

  • Blue Goldstone is an energy stone associated with mystery and protection. It helps build courage, energy, confidence and a positive attitude. Called the Stone of Ambition, it’s said to assist in reaching your goals. It is said to be a Master Healer (enhancing healing energies from the hands) and often used for long distance healing.

    Zodiac Sign for Sagittarius

    (arthritis, bones, circulation, inflammation, eye aliments, headaches, migraines, painful joints, nervous system, pet allergies)