Size:  13cm long x 3cm wide

Each roll contains 10 charcoal discs.


Price is for one roll of Charcoal.


* Important tip. To ensure your charcoal disc are easy to light each time, keep them air tight to prevent moisture (such as zip lock bag, airtight container). You will find it very hard to light charcoal once it has absorbed moisture.

Charcoal-Quick Lite

  • Hold charcoal disc using tongs and light with a lighter. Hold the flame on the charcoal disc until you see sparkles going through the charcoal. (self-lighting charcoal lights much quicker than regular charcoal due to a combustible agent being mixed into the disc).

    You will notice the charcoal go a lighter colour and when you blow gently onto the disc it will glow red.  This is when you can add incense or resin onto the charcoal disc. It is best to use tongs when placing items on the charcoal disc or to move the disc around.

    Sprinkle a small amount of resin onto the charcoal. If you put too much resin on it will smother the charcoal and it will go out. You will see the resin boil and be absorbed into the charcoal. Do not add more resin until the charcoal stops smoking.

    Before cleaning up your ashes allow them to completely cool.