Weight:  117gm

Size:  5.3cm long x 4cm at widest part


You will receive the one in the picture (wooden stand not included)


Egg Shapes confine & shape energy to detect & rebalance blockages in the body.

Can be used for meditation, in the aura, placed around the home or in the centre of grids for protection, energy renewal or support for new beginnings.


Yoni eggs are smaller sized gemstone eggs that were used traditionally by female Chinese Royalty for strengthening pelvic floor muscles.


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Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Gemstone Egg - Stromatolite

  • Stromatolite is formed by fossilized micro organisms & one of the oldest fossils known. It is a great stone to help understand the purpose of life’s lessons. Heals emotional & physical stress. Enables self to accept who you are & move forward in life releasing any past negativity. Said to assist with transformation & personal growth.


    Zodiac sign for Capricorn & Virgo


    (boost immune system, detox, digestive system, nails, hair, teeth, calm nausea)