Weight:  1409 gms (1.409kg)

Size:  approximately 16cm long x 8cm wide x 10.5cm high


Large clusters of Himalayan Quartz such as this one, are perfect for placing your gemstone jewellery on to clear out negative energy and replace it with positive energy.


You will receive the one in the picture.


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Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Himalayan Quartz cluster

  • Himalayan Quartz is gathered from very high altitudes on the Himalayas giving the quartz a pure, high vibration. Not only does it contain the properties of Clear Quartz (amplifying energies of all other crystals when used together), Himalayan Quartz brings balance & harmony into one’s life.

    Clusters with points pointing in all different directions are great to place in a room when you want energy to fill all areas.


    Zodiac sign for all


    (grounding, balance, shamanic healing and harmony)