Weight:  8gm

Size:  2 to 2.5cm


You will receive the one in the picture.


Merkaba is a tool for spiritual transformation & connection. It balances & harmonises in both the physical & spiritual dimensions making it useful for self-healing.

It is an 8 pointed star made from two triangular pyramids. It allows us to connect with both universal energy & earth.

It is also known as Metatron’s symbol, said to be on his Chariot of fire. As it spins & flows in all directions, all at once, it allows us to Astro travel & to communicate plus connect with all of Source. Merkaba has the ability for limitless creation.


Measurements have been taken as close as possible.

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Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Merkaba Star- Yellow Aventurine 1093

  • Yellow Aventurine is great for opening and balancing the Solar Plexus chakra. Helps those who are indecisive or oversensitive, issues relating to unbalanced Sacral chakra. Can aid those who have problems with power and control. Promotes compassion and understanding. Alleviates grief and helps centre emotions.

    (anti-inflammatory, migraine headaches, allergies, sinus issues, anxiety)