Weight: 245 gms

Size: approx 7 cm long x 6 cm wide x 4 cm high (measurement taken at outermost edge)


You will receive the one in the pictures.


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Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Orange Stilbite

  • Stilbite is used to heal the Heart Chakra with 'joyful' energy. Lifting your vibration to universal love and connection.

    An excellent stone for connection to psychic abilities giving guidance and direction on your spiritual journey. Often used to understand the Akashic Records.

    Stilbite calms and stills the mind allowing you to reach deeper and effortless connection into the spiritual realm and maintain memories of such experience. Also believed to assist calm hyperactivity.


    Zodiac Sign for all


    (strengthening ligaments, toxin removal, enhance learning, mental balance, brain disorders, menopause, moodswings)