Size:  approximately 10cm long x 1cm wide


Opens communication with the spiritual world. Balances the inner self, attracts happiness and calms the mind. Purifies negative energy.


Price is for one packet. Three pieces of wood per packet.


You will receive one pack similar to the ones in the pictures, although size and weight will vary due to no pieces being exactly the same.

Palo Santo Wood

  • We only sell Palo Santo wood that has died naturally in the forest. The tree dies usually after 30 years of growth and then is left to lay on the ground for a further 2-4 years. It is a product of Ecuador.

    Palo Santo has a woodsy, citrus aroma when lit.

    The wood is cut by machine and not a machete to prevent wastage and labor accidents (e.g cuts, injuries). There is a reforestation program in place to regenerate the palo santo trees.