Weight:  between 9 to 19gms

Size: 4cm to 4.5cm long. 1.5cm to 2cm wide (at widest section on pendulum)


Prices start at $14. Please make your selection from the dropdown box.


You will receive one similar to the ones in the photos. 


  • What is a Pendulum?
    It is a valuable tool to obtain knowledge from our conscious and higher conscious minds (where information of our past, present and future exists). It creates a communication channel that is clear an immediate.

    Programming a Pendulum
    Using your dominate hand hold the chain between your thumb and index finger so it is suspended in the air and able to swing. Say mentally or aloud "Show me yes". If the pendulum doesn't move continue to ask the question until it does. The direction that it swings is your Yes response. Stop the Pendulum from moving and ask "show me no". The Pendulum will swing in a different direction. This is your response to No.
    Now you can ask any question and the Pendulum will swing in the 'yes' or 'no' direction, which is the answer to your question.
    You can keep doing this until you have finished your questions.

    Cleanse your crystal after use so it is clean and ready for next time. Every time you need to reuse your Pendulum you will need to Program it again, as the response to Yes or No can be different.
    Pendulums have been used for centuries and they are a very handy tool to have.
    We have Pendulums available for in many different gemstone varieties at the low price from $14.00 each.