Weight:  14 gms

Size:  5.5cm long x 1.6cm deep x 1cm wide


You will receive the one in the picture. Size and weight are a close estimate.


I have tried to give as much details as possible. Size and weight are close estimate. If you would like more details please send a message via the contact button at bottom of the page.


Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Pink Danburite 1276

  • Pink Danburite is a Heart Chakra stone. It allows you to open your heart and love yourself unconditionally. It’s a powerful heart healer making it great for change and moving forward. Highly spiritual stone activating higher consciousness. Said to help you with love and relationships. Calming stone allowing you to speak your mind without retribution.

    Zodiac sign for Leo

    (heart, allergies, chronic condtions, detoxifying, liver, weight gain, muscular & motor function, gallbladder, migrane)