14.5cm diameter across rim (approx 16cm at widest part) x 8cm high

Weight: 900gms

Sound: "A" which resonates with third eye chakra


Our singing bowls are made in Nepal or India. They are made by artisans hammering and shaping between 3 to 7 metals into one alloy.


We individually test each bowl and show which music note it has been attuned to incase you want a bowl to resonate with a particular Chakra. 


As a gift we provide a cushion and mallet with each singing bowl.

Singing Bowl Black Brass

  • Sing bowls are mostly used for Meditation/Spiritual Connections, Sound Healing and Cleansing Gemstones. This makes them a popular instrument for Music Therapists, Yoga Practitioners, Spiritual or Religious practices and Gemstone Enthusiasts. 


    Each bowl has a music note that resonates with each main Chakra. Example:

        A- Third Eye

        B- Crown Chakra

        C- Base Chakra

        D- Sacral Centre

        E- Solar Plexus

        F- Heart Chakra

        G- Throat Chakra