Burn time:      approx 25 hours

Wax weight:  125gms

Vegan:             Not tested on animals

Ingredients:  Highest quality Natural Soy Wax from USA, high grade oil blends, cappuccino dye,                                     pure cotton with paper braid wicks. 

Package:        Glass honey pot shape with silicone gasket in glass lid for snug fit. Hemp string for                                    decoration.

Glass dimensions:  Top Diameter and Bottom: 55mm  Middle Diameter: 70mm  Height: 80mm


Mocha: Quite a delicious mocha smell with this combination of coffee and chocolate natural fragrance.


Top: Pure coffee

Mid: Cocoa, Caramel, Nutty

Dry: Vanilla, Woody, Caramel


Price is for one candle, accessories for display purpose only.

Small Scented Soy Candle - Mocha

  • Each candle is individually made by myself using the highest grade Natural Soy Wax from the USA and natural cotton wicks to ensure your candle is toxic-free.

    Ingredients for the fragrances we use are sourced worldwide  and are manufactured in the USA producing quality oils which ensure you have an amazing aroma lasting as long as your candle burns.