Weight: 172gm

Size:  (approximately) 4.8cm diameter


You will receive the one in the picture. Sphere comes with a stand at no extra cost.


Spheres (also known as a crystal ball) emit energy in all directions equally, making it a window for the past (what has been) or future (what is to come).

They help develop clairvoyance by opening the Third Eye Chakra. Spheres bring peace & grounding energy to a home.


Measurements have been taken as close as possible.

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Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Sphere-Mystic Merlinite 1238

  • Mystic Merlinite is one of the fastest ways to open the Third Eye chakra, allowing deeper intuitive abilities. Assists heal past life karma and soul healing. Provides a better understanding of situations that you are living in now. Has a powerful energy that allows you to link & work with element energies Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Storm.