Have you ever wanted to create your own little bit of magic but didn't think you could?


These Talisman Ritual kits are designed for a specific purpose so please select according to your needs.


Each kit is complete with everything you need (except a lighter or matches) including step-by-step instructions, it's fail proof.


You do not have to be religious to believe in Angels. Angels are spiritual and do not belong to one religion. 

Talisman Kit

  • Archangel Gabriel - Hope; inspiration; sensitivity; maternal qualities; meditation; guidance; destiny; psychic activities; cleansing of the emotions; body and environment; water activities; healing/helping professions; conception; childbirth; wellbeing of unborn child; menstruation; womb; brain; pancreas; bladder; growth; stomach; glandular system.


    Archangel Raphael - Knowledge; wisdom; wholeness; mental abilities; mediation; communication; magic; science; physical healing; groups and hobbies; buying/selling; expressive professions; healing the past; ears; hands; feet; lungs; tongue; nervous system; spinal cord; thyroid; respiratory system; co-ordination, speech.


    Archangel Jophiel - Personal Power; self-esteem; self-worth; confidence; laughter; courage; emotional balance; will power; open mindedness; eliminate ignorance; seeing beauty in everything; clarity; insight; illumination; clear frustration; artistic endeavours; fun; relaxation; creativity; manifesting; personal development; studying; exams; digestive system; diabetes; addiction; depression; SAD


    Archangel Zadkiel - Compassion; generosity; forgiveness; tolerance; mercy; justice; joy; transmutation; diplomacy; karmic healing; financial and legal matters; fishing; affirmations and prayer; immune system; clear negativity


    Archangel Michael - Protection; selflessness; humility; truth; strength; courage; vitality; will-power; integrity; leadership; creativity; organization; eyes; heart; circulation; spine; solar plexus.


    Archangel Metatron - Protector and teacher of children; creator and keeper of the Akashic records; spiritual connection; wisdom; death and dying; sacred geometry; universal harmony; balance; guidance; magic; creating balance in lifestyle or self; attracting soul mate; clearing obstacles; asking for advice; connecting to universal wisdom; clearing stagnant energy; spiritual communication;


    Archangel Anael - Harmony; relationships; affection; romance; partnerships; love; marriage; pleasure; health; sexuality; enthusiasm; artistic endeavours; dating; weddings; intimacy; social interactions; breasts; chest; heart; respiratory system; kidneys; throat; lips; fertility;