Weight:  419gms

Size:  approximately 12cm long x (4.5cm x 4.5cm bottom)


You will receive the one in the picture.


It is used to amplify energy & our intentions. Used to raise the vibration when placed on an alter or the centre of a crystal grid.


As with all points, channel positive energy by pointing towards the body & release negative energy & toxins when pointing outwards from the body.


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Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Tower- Clear Calcite 1253

  • Calcite (Clear) is an excellent stone for long distance healing. It promotes prosperity, inner peace, creativity & imagination. It is a strong energy amplifier & promotes good vibrations. Stimulates mental energy which may improve your memory. Said to amplify images to help one see hidden double meanings in common communication.

    Zodiac Sign for Cancer

    (calcium uptake in bones, skeleton, joints, skin tissue healing, immune system, ulcers, warts, laziness, motivation)