Weight:  596gms

Size:  approximately 14.5cm long x (5cm x 5cm bottom)


You will receive the one in the picture.


A Tower (Crystal Point) is a pointed crystal with 7 to 8 sided face. A Generator is a 6 sided faced crystal.

It is used to amplify energy & our intentions. Used to raise the vibration when placed on an alter or the centre of a crystal grid.

As with all points, channel positive energy by pointing towards the body & release negative energy & toxins when pointing outwards from the body.


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Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

Tower- Golden Calcite 1252

  • Honey Calcite (Golden Calcite) enhances intellect & memory by helping to organise thoughts & information. It gently amplifies one’s energy level which increases self-worth, hope & personal power. Beneficial for psychic abilities & meditation. Helps to assist with change and any challenges associated with it.

    Zodiac Sign for Cancer

    (study, motivation, laziness, emotional stress, calcium uptake in bones, dissolving calcification, suppurating wounds, memory, persistence)