Weight: 198 gms

Size: approx 7.5cm wide x 7cm high x 6cm deep (measurement taken at outermost edge)


You will receive the one in the pictures.


I have tried to give as much details as possible. If you would like more details please send a message via the contact button at bottom of the page.


Attention: Healing crystal meanings are NOT prescriptions or healthcare information.

White Chalcedony Geode_3

  • Chalcedony promotes brotherhood & good will. Brings mind, body, emotions & spirit into balance & harmony. It is a powerful cleanser & dissolves negative energy. Removes self-doubt, sadness, feelings of hostility & builds self-confidence. Used to assist telepathy. Improves memory, listening skills and communication


    Zodiac Sign for Cancer and Sagittarius 


    (nightmares, fear of dark, depression, turbulent emotions, negative thoughts, maternal instinct, dementia, physical energy, holistic healing, gallbladder, eyes, bones, spleen, blood, circulatory system)